I could write this great poetic piece about hope springs eternal.  An opening with a quote from a great coach about hope and teamwork, a story about how the team gets along like long lost brothers, and how the Coach is just like the dad in the sitcom, but that is not this season (maybe next year, seriously maybe next year). This season is about hard work, learning the system, getting better, and dedication. Well maybe that is the poetic part, because how this team becomes better will be ugly. I predict more than the abysmal 7 wins from last year. Sure we will be better coached. Sure we will be deeper (although not by much). That said (in seeming sarcastic and depressed tones), I am excited. I am excited to watch this team play basketball. I am excited to see how many clichés Coach Mihalich can throw out there this season (he spits them like a machine gun). I have not been watching Hofstra Basketball for decades, so I have not watched a building process turn into a building. But this team excites me. To be with this team from bottom to top is what being a mid-major fan is all about. I hate to say wait until next year as if to throw this season away before I sit down in my seat for game one, but when everyone picks you to finish last it is hard to think you can finish first.

So let me say this, the beauty of college basketball is it can come down to four days in March.

So, in brief celebrate today, the joy, anxiousness, and excitement, comes once a year.

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